"It's as much fun to scare as to be scared"
- vincent price

voo boo

our scary skeletal creatures

the collective

our ferocious futuristic assimilators

voo boo

As the jungle drum beats a slow rhythm and the chanting of the Voo Doo ritual reaches a crescendo, four unholy creatures are summoned.

Bone Daddy, Spider Bones, mammy bones and gargirl arise from the dead, walking the earth once more,

intent upon striking fear into the hearts of all they encounter.

the collective

The hive queen and her two drones  are a scout group sent by the Collective, to establish whether the human race is fit for assimilation.

The drones have blowers on their backs that sends forth a rush of air as they scan humans for suitability. The hive queen will then decide the victim's fate.

Bow down before them,
for resistance is futile!
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