"It was magical, this snow globe world"
- Sarah addison allen


our elegant winter themed act


our beautiful bouncing fawns


From the frozen wastelands and snowy peaks comes Frozanne, the mistress of the Arctic World and her companions of
ice and snow.

Jack Frost is the legendary harbinger
of Winter, tall, elegant and
a little bit magical.

Frostbite is a beautiful, jewelled ice lion  with a silvery mane, diamante mask and  a regal demeanour.

These three Winter themed character's may look frosty but they will quickly
melt your heart.


Austere, dignified and very regal, The Satyrs are half human, half goat characters. Their bodies are painted gold and they have thick, white fur covered haunches.

These furtive characters are both cheeky and flirtatious, and with feathers at the ready, they will tickle, cajole and tempt
any passers by.

ideal to bring elegance to any garden party and also perfect for narnia themed events.

Not to be mythed!
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